Two Degrees Adapt

Driving growth through strategic planning
and tech adaption in a changing climate

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Two degrees drives growth through climate adaptation technologies and strategies. At least two degree celsius increase in global temperature is inevitable. Climate mitigation strategies alone will not be sufficient to prosper over the next two decades. Climate adaptation strategies will need to be at the core of businesses trying to de-risk impact of climate change. Business evolution will depend on these strategies that will impact a wide swath of economic assets across multiple sectors including food, water, infrastructure, shipping, manufacturing, building and energy. To combat narrow and myopic understanding of climate perils, two degrees takes a holistic view to peril mapping and devices strategies through technology adaptation that best drive growth and sustain advantage over competition with a long term view.



Two degrees has a clear mission of bridging the gap between climate science, economic analysis, and technology solutions. We achieve this going deep to unlock insights and develop strategies for our clients. We take a holistic view to peril mapping and through our understanding of technology assets create strategies for technology adoption that best help our clients to achieve sustainable advantage.


“Climate change is moving faster than we are – and its speed has provoked a sonic boom SOS across our world.”

António Guterres  |  Secretary-General of the United Nations